Cart Attendant

The Cart Attendant has several responsibilities. The main task is to ensure there are enough carts available and clean for golfers to use, and to clean and put them away at the end of each day. Other responsibilities include picking the range, sweeping, and keeping the exterior of the building clean and presentable. 


Pro Shop Attendant 

The Pro Shop Attendant is the leader of daily golf operations. Responsibilities include: money handling, customer service, and supervision of golf personnel. The Pro Shop Attendant must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and possess organizational ability.  

Employment at Carrington and River's Edge

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This position ensures the quality and pace of play of each golf round. Friendly and appropriate communication skills are a must in order to be a starter/ranger. Ability to keep track of the number of golfers, cart numbers, and turn times are the responsibilities of the starter/ranger. 

Monroe, Michigan

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